Types of Progressive Jackpots

The Progressive Jackpot adds to the excitement—and the pay-off!—of playing slot machines or video poker. With higher stakes, fast-changing numbers, and the element of competing against other players at the same game, progressive jackpots draw players who are attracted to the added elements of the game. Consisting of multiple gaming machines hooked together like a jackpot-building supercomputer, everything about the progressive jackpot is more exciting and more fun! The jackpot itself—the potential prize—builds with every wager placed by every player at every machine, so in the case of a progressive jackpot, that contribution isn't limited to the usage of a single machine, but builds rapidly as players at all of the connected machines build the pot with their wagers. Players who wish to aim big with the progressive jackpot style of play can enjoy a number of gaming options. Not only can slot machines be configured into progressive jackpot style of play, but also video poker, video blackjack, and sometimes additional casino games like roulette and other table games. A blackjack player in the progressive jackpot system can play as usual, while adding additional bids that qualify them to land the big jackpot, as well as winning the individual hand of play. With online play, a player can enter a virtual safari of jackpot-hunting, enjoying the thrills of popular games like Caribbean Stud Poker, Mega Moolah, Millionaires Club, Major Millions, and King Cashalot. With payouts averaging in the hundreds of thousands—and sometimes topping a million—the names of these games aren't just hype, they are apt descriptions of the regular payouts to jackpot-winners. Head over to Jackpot City Casino for some of the juiciest jackpots available.

Contrary to the bit of popular wisdom claiming that the "house" always wins, progressive jackpots are actually structured and funded on the premise that the house AND the player can win. The casino earns a profit from the progressive jackpot play, of course—but a generous portion of that profit also goes into the building jackpot. The casinos recognize that the draw of the rapidly escalating pot brings in more players, and it's actually beneficial to the house to be contributing a portion of the income-stream to that pot, which lucky players will take home. It's a win-win situation where even a habitual cynic will admit the players are winning big. Add to that the ongoing excitement of watching the pot build before your eyes as you play, and you'll find that the progressive jackpot is an irresistible new style of play. Without increasing your "risk," you're exponentially increasing your chances of hitting a huge payout, and your gaming is enhanced with a whole new element of excitement.

Casinos, both online and in-person, are harnessing the power of multiple players, and the extra "buzz" the big jackpots create. As the jackpots get bigger, more players are drawn to play the games, and as more players add their bets, the jackpots jump even higher. You can get in on the action yourself by picking a favorite game among the many available online, or even sampling a variety of them. Top-rated progressive jackpot games online include the poker versions of CyberStud and Caribbean Stud, and pokies play offers a multitude of themed adventures. Gone are the days when a slot machine rolled up a dull row of cherries; these days the games themselves have elements of adventure and play. Try out the Beach Life slots (with scuba diving, surfing, and sand castles), the Pinata slots with its Mexican fiesta experience, the Egyptian experiences of Queen of Pyramids and Nile Treasure, the racetrack feel of FormulaX, the jungle adventures of Jungle Jim Grand or Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the old-West environment of Moneyminer Gold, and dozens of others. Mr Green has a wide array of these entertaingly themed slot machine games. Just check out the statistics online for any of these games, and you can see the real-time winnings being scored by players. With cash cows like Mega Moolah, Aladdin's Lamp, Millionaires Club, and Major Millions, it can't be said that these game names are mere hype.

As a matter of fact, the jackpots are huge, and the more people that are attracted to the play, the bigger the winnings grow. Skill-based games like poker add the exciting element of player skill coupled with the huge jackpot winnings attached to the progressive jackpot model, resulting in a gaming experience that can't be beat. Perhaps you can't afford to join in at a high-stakes poker table, but with the power of the progressive jackpot set-up you can certainly position yourself to walk away with some high-stakes prizes! You don't need to bring the high stakes yourself, because the size of the pot is created by the number of participating players. There's no reason to miss out on the opportunity—the progressive jackpots are waiting for you!